Thanks from Circles® Putnam County, IN!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about how you can be part of Circles Putnam County.

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Staff Members

Lori Miller, Circles Coordinator

Lori loves being part of the Circles community, transforming lives
and being transformed herself. She keeps the weekly meetings on
Thursday evenings at Gobin Church organized, reaching out to keep
the local community involved. She loves the smiles and new
confidence on the faces of participants as they join Circles of
Putnam County and envision and achieve an improved future.

Heather Weaver, Circles Coach

Heather transformed her life by getting involved with Circles
three years ago. If you have barriers to overcome, she has been
there too—homelessness, addiction, abuse, just feeling like there
is no hope. Because of connections through Circles, she has a
2-year College degree, a full-time job (with several promotions
in 3 years), bought her first used car from a dealer and is
renting-to-own a home. More than anything, Heather wants to give
back—she loves helping other people find hope and confidence too.
She connects participants to local resources and others in the
Circles community.